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Join our private community of over 3000 Nature-lovers from around the globe. Connect with, support, relate to, inspire and meet amazing people. Share your experiences through photographs, videos and status posts.


Enjoy the many mood boosting benefits of getting outside, connecting with the natural world and being a part of a like-minded community. Nature + Community = Happy Vibes!!


Have the support of the Rewilding community to keep you on track with your Nature time. We’re here for you! Meet new friends and be inspired by the experiences and posts of others. Motivate and be motivated, inspire and be inspired!


Developing a deeper connection to nature is something we can all benefit from. You will notice a change in your body, mind and spirit.



What People Are Saying About The Rewild Your Life Challenge

Lisa Valancius
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

“My experience came at the perfect time in my life. We had just moved to Ottawa Ontario from B.C. and I found myself quite lonely, not knowing a soul. Now it seems odd joining an online group about going out into nature, very much alone, would bring me so many new friends and so much joy. Photography, nature and my critters are all passions of mine so combining them all to share with like minded people is such a blessing. The community that we have from all over the world is amazing. I have met so many wonderful souls and have opened my mind and heart to different places and cultures. I have also had to change my bucket list to include going and meeting many of these terrific people. Thank you Alissa and Kevin, I look forward to next spring….”


Noëlle Van Rooy
Tielen, Belgium

“Nature has always played a very important role in my life. As a child I took care of a lot of animals that where sick or injured. If they were better I let them free in nature. I have left a lot of tears when I had to let them go. But the care of the animals gave me a lot of confidence.

By growing older, different challenges unto my path, leading a hectic life I became more and more estranged from the Now and also from Nature.

The challenge has changed my life! I got in touch with my inner child. Every day I make time to go outside and really enjoy being out there. I have less stress in my life because of it. Thank you for this wonderful initiative.”


Susan Coulson Burghes
Columbus, Ohio, U.S.A.

“The 2013 Rewild Your Life Challenge was a ‘step out of the same old’ for for me.
I love the outdoors and I am vocal on some conservation issues, but am not connected to a single thread.
The Challenge welcomed me into a conversation with a diverse, global community where each person has a voice – sometimes a photo says it all – that sparked interest, generated dialogue and stimulated a desire to ‘go find out more’ feeling everyday. Alissa and Kevin’s Rewild Guide was as playful as it was thought provoking. The unexpected thrill has been making new friends who I can meet for a ‘wild ‘walk’ when I am in their neck of the woods!
The Rewild Your Life Challenge has brought me a new sense of Wild Wonder!”


Lisa Tarling
Cumberland, BC, Canada

“Upon entering the Rewild Challenge in 2013 I wasn’t really expecting much beside exercise.  What I ended up receiving from this challenge was so much more.  In the many forests, trails, parks & beaches I found strength in myself.  Not all at once, it came a little each time I would journey out into the unknown.  This city girl who has sat indoors for the biggest part of the last 25 years was losing her fear, gaining self confidence, discovering how great our planet really is and what is has to offer. Thank you for helping nudge me out into the world and discovering what I’m capable of doing.”


Diann Dennis
Cherokee Village, Arkansas, U.S.A.

“I joined Rewild Your Life challenge last September after seeing posts from We Are Wildness via a friend in Colorado. I am a nature girl…born & raised in east Arkansas Mississippi Delta and the Ozark Mountains. –
I thought it would be fun to rewild on daily basis. What I found was a daily expanding  curiosity about what was happening in my own area. I have explored daily (except for 5 days) since September! My goal wasn’t so much just nature but daily communion with nature
I suffer from depression and can testify as to what rewilding can do for your mental and spiritual health.
I have met so many like-minded individuals here who have become personal friends.  Website is uplifting and positive!”


Bill Turley
Somondoco, Boyaca, Colombia

I was challenged to try the Challenge last September. I really did not think there would be any effect of it as I really live in an almost wild place. The fact that I am essentially unable to walk more than a few steps also gave me little optimism. But Alissa convinced me to try.


I started to see things I had not seen before and to photograph them to share with the group. When the second Challenge was over I just didn’t want to stop so I have continued to this time. Additionally I have made a bunch of new friends from around the world. Not bad for a handicapped man living in rural Colombia


Rewild, v; to return to a more natural or wild state; the process of undoing domestication. Synonyms: undomesticate, uncivilize.

“Rewilding is about overcoming human domestication and returning to behavior inherent in human wildness. Though often associated with primitive skills and learning knowledge of wild plants and animals, it emphasizes the development of the senses and fostering deepening personal relationships with members of other species and the natural world. Rewilding intends to create permanently wild human cultures beyond domestication.

Rewilding is considered a holistic approach to living, as opposed to skills, practices or a specific set of knowledge.” (Wikipedia)


Why join the challenge?

  • Increase feelings of happiness and well-being
  • Unplug and de-stress
  • Feel healthier
  • Explore Nature
  • Get your friends and family outside with you
  • Improve your physical fitness in a fun and natural way
  • Get to know yourself on a deeper level
  • Connect and participate with thousands of others from around the world

Connect with Us

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

We are here to support those who want to find their wild sides again.


What People Are Saying…

During the Rewild challenges, everybody in the group shares the natural beauty of where they live, thus giving each of us the opportunity to experience nature from near and far through the eyes and ears of those who live there. Personally, I have grown in my knowledge of the natural world through the Rewild Challenges, plus met and formed friendships with many like-minded people. - Cris Staubach
It is hard to put into words what “ReWild Your Life” 2013 has done for me. Ever since I was lucky enough to join the “ReWild Community” - I have made friends from all over the world and I have experienced what the world looks like first hand – without ever leaving my laptop. I also look for beauty in my daily hikes and share them with my “Rewild Friends” – they truly enjoy them as much as I enjoy theirs! This community is very supportive to each other. It has been a great experience and daily motivation for me to be in this Community – and for that I thank you!! - Judy Ellis

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Even in most cities you can find a park, a beach, a nature area, botanical gardens, your own back yard if you have one, or even just a neighborhood with plenty of trees. You don’t need to go into the deep wild to find nature. Nature is always all around us and within us, and participating in this challenge will help you to become more aware of it, no matter where you are.

We suggest spending at least 30 minutes a day outside in a natural space. This is the perfect amount of time to allow you to relax, calm your breathing and adjust your senses to the more subtle world of Nature. If there is no way you can take 30 minutes to do this, that’s okay! Do your best. If you want to do two sets of 15 minutes that is fine. As long as you are making an effort and being aware of how you feel during your time outside, that’s all that matters. We understand that not everyone has easy access to wild spaces and it can be hard with a busy schedule, and that’s why it’s a challenge! Don’t make too many excuses as to why you can’t go outside today. Push your boundaries and make time for yourself and nature. You won’t regret it. You can do this!

Don’t worry. If there is a day or two or even three that you can’t find the time to make it outdoors you can just pick up where you left off and take your challenge a few days further. Even a quick walk outside is better than no time outside. This challenge is about YOU and your connection to nature. We are running the challenge all Spring and Summer so you will have a lot of time to get with the flow of getting outside everyday.

No, you can participate in the challenge with friends and family or your greater community. You can even do it alone if that’s how you enjoy your time in nature. It’s up to you. We have the private Facebook group so that people all over the world can come together to share experiences, pictures, questions and ideas. We would love for you to be a part of this group so we can see how you are doing and hear about your life and wild adventures.

This challenge is quite gentle on the body. All you have to do is BE outside in a natural space. You can just sit under a tree or lie on a blanket and stare at the sky. Do what you enjoy. We love to encourage people to move their bodies and get more wild and free with their physical self. Walking, jogging, skiing, biking, rolling, jumping, bounding, crawling, and climbing are all things we encourage you to explore. If you would like to do more intense physical activity while you are outdoors during this challenge we invite you to learn more about The Wild Body Program that helps you “rewild your body” in 3o days. You can learn more here: rewildyourbody.com/30dayprogram